Our History


Main Street, Columbia, Mississippi ca. 1920

Factory on Main believes in American Made -- specifically Mississippi Made

First headquartered in Columbia, Mississippi in 2011, Factory on Main was stationed on Main Street. Next door to the county courthouse and emblazoned with "The Dream Factory" in retro stylings on the front, passersby could peer into the manufacturing plant with the wide open windows watching hardworking Mississippi men and women hand-make sport shirts.

Our focus has always been to provide high quality craftsmanship to our private label clients, all the while, revitalizing our small town and bringing jobs back to American soil. We specialize in men's and women's sport shirts and produce top-of-the-line collections that include loungewear, fleece outerwear, etc.

Telling the story of the people who made the product in our construction, design, and quality, Factory on Main is set apart by the community standing behind it. Our main goal is to rebuild the apparel manufacturing industry piece by piece.

We grew from, initially, a 6,000 SF warehouse to a 12,000 SF converted skating rink and then eventually the main headquarters on Main Street. From 4 employees to 60, in a few short years, we have recognized the great need for apparel manufacturing in the USA. 


Main Street, Tylertown, Mississippi ca. 1922

Factory on Main currently operates a 40,000 SF manufacturing headquarters at 100 Ostrover Drive in Tylertown, MS.

Tylertown is ten miles north of the Louisiana border and nestled in the southwest corner of the state. The small population of 1,500 pulls from the rich manufacturing history of the town and is able to source from a skilled work force familiar in the workings of apparel creation.

Upwards of 600,000 people live within 55 miles of the town, with many workers commuting from neighboring counties to work in the factory.


Walthall County Courthouse, Tylertown, Mississippi ca. 1920 

The US apparel and footwear industry directly employed 3.8 million Americans in 2015 in well-paying jobs in design, research and development, marketing, distribution, compliance, manufacturing, and retail.  The industry also indirectly supported another 2 million US jobs. The practice of manufacturing clothing and accessories in Asia and shipping them into the US is common in the apparel industry -- as of 2015, over 97% of clothes and 98% of shoes sold in the US were imported. Let's make a change to the way our job economy operates and bring this business back to America.

Why make it overseas when you can see your product being made right in front of you by Americans here? The heyday of international manufacturing is over. 

We are Mississippi Made with proud American hearts. Support your American Dream with an American factory.


Factory on Main specializes in cut-and-sew production for sport shirts and button downs. But that doesn't mean we can't make what you're looking for!  

Have a question about becoming American Made? Head on over to our contact page to send us an email!