Sometimes the first step is just making the right phone call!

Tip: Have questions ready for us! We can't help you fully understand the process if you don't ask the questions you really want to know.

Things to consider before you schedule a consultation:

  • Do you know exactly what you want to produce?
  • How many samples do you need?
  • How many units do you want to order?
  • What is your budget? Is your funding available now?
  • What is your timeline? And what are your goal dates?
  • What season are you producing for?

Our sales executives know the ins and outs of the apparel manufacturing industry and are on standby to help you get started.

Rules to follow when you email us:

1. Send us the image/artwork or representative sample of the product you would like to develop along with a brief and detailed description of any special features, etc.

2. A quantity of each item you are looking to produce must be noted and a timeline. 

3. Potentially answer all or as many of the questions above to help us better help you!

Head on over to our Contact Us page to schedule a consultation date and time and we'll get back to you within 48 hours.